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Kent Boehm
Suite 105, 1935- 27th Avenue
Alberta, T2E 7E4
  (403) 690-8363
  (403) 690 8363
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Kent Boehm – Business & Leadership Coach 

Here is how Calgary based ActionCOACH, Kent Boehm, will work with you to achieve guaranteed results in your business. 


• I listen with openness and compassion.
• I challenge your assumptions and offer new ideas.
• I keep your full potential in the forefront, even when you wish I wouldn’t!
• I make work fun and meaningful.
• I make leaders of managers and owners.


I use my passion, optimism and open-mindedness to help business leaders dream and achieve results beyond their wildest expectations!

I am an ActionCOACH Business Coach, working one-to-one with business owners, leaders and managers in our community who have made a commitment to growth and change.

I have a passion for business and for helping business owners like you, achieve massive results! I am an energetic, enthusiastic, tenacious business and leadership coach with a proven track record of success.  


Business Coaching is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity.  Our business world, your business world is changing too fast, there is too much opportunity out there, take action now and seize yours.

You and your business will experience many “transformational light bulb” moments during your coaching program.  These experiences will play a significant role in getting you to act and think differently.  This new way of thinking will empower you and your team to create:

·         New Strategic Plans

·         Increase Sales

·         Grow Profits

·         Revise your Mission and Vision,

·         Increase Customer Satisfaction,

·         Retain qualified staff

·         Increase the accountability and leadership development of your key team members. 


Extraordinary results will come from looking at your business from a new perspective.  You will never go back to your old way of thinking!

Now that you are ready to think differently, perform better and drastically improve your business –


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